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Non Brand Shavings

A 20kg bag of good quality non branded shavings.

Product Code:  BA9353
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Snowflake Shavings

Superior Quality - Snowflake have an unequalled reputation for a quality product, used by many top equestrian sports people. The raw material comes from the most consistent of sawmills, compressed into a thicker, high-gauge 120 litre polythene bag. Only the best woodshavings find their way into a Sn...

Product Code:  BA9354
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Very Economical Budget to use 10 bags to make initial bed, plus half bag per week thereon ! Natural Fibre Dried wood fibre pulp. Dust Free & Sterile Dried and sterilised at temperatures up to 500 degrees celsius killing mould, spores and bacteria, dust extracted twice. Ideal for horses with C.O.P.D....

Product Code:  BA9355
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Bedmax provides benefits for you and your horse: minimum dust; maximum protection, comfort, cushioning, ease of use and cost efficiency.

Product Code:  BA9356
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Verdo Bedding

Verdo Horse Bedding is a wood pellet product, manufactured in the UK, that’s really simple to use. Because it’s so absorbent, any wet and soiled bedding remains compact and manageable, making mucking out much easier and reducing the amount of bedding you require. That means less hard work, less expe...

Product Code:  BA9357
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BedSoft Bio is made from the straw from oilseed rape crop. The product is checked for moisture (maximum 15%) before being processed. Once shredded and chopped BedSoft Bio is dust extracted and the special BedSoft Treatment is applied. BedSoft Bio is very easy to muck out and extremely absorbent. On...

Product Code:  BA9358
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Ecobale cardboard animal bedding is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional animal bedding. It provides a healthier, cleaner environment for animals, poultry and game and also makes an environmentally friendly packaging substitute for polystyrene chips.Ecobale cardboard animal bedding offers seve...

Product Code:  BA9359
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Aubiose can greatly contribute to the general well being of the horse and rider - Especially if the animal suffers from respiratory problems. Tests carried out at Bristol University proved that the horses suffering from C.O.P.D (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) may be safely bedded on Aubiose....

Product Code:  BA9360
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Super Straw

Super Straw

Product Code:  AB1438
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