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Look after the health of your chickens with Equine Essentials Direct’s products for chickens. We stock a range of supplements from antibacterial powder to cider vinegar, helping to assure better produce and happier chickens. 

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Battles Poultry Antibacterial Powder

An effective antibacterial preparation for application to minor wounds and scratches on poultry.

Product Code:  AB0831
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Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar & Garlic

Will maintain inner health promote effective food utilisation as well as offering the numerous beneficial properties of natural garlic.

Product Code:  AB0832
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Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar

A useful addition to the poultry diet maintaining inner health promoting effective food utilisation and optimising appearance. Simply add to the drinking water.

Product Code:  AB0829
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Battles Poultry Comb & Wattle Winter Protector

For application to the comb and wattle for effective protection against the harsh winter conditions.

Product Code:  AB0826
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Battles Poultry Drink

Contains a selection of 5 minerals in a high energy sugar syrup base. To support all round condition and health in Poultry. Easy-to-use just add directly to the drinking water or daily ration. Ideal for birds that are looking a bit off colour. Containing

Product Code:  AB0827
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Battles Poultry Insect Killer Kit

Offers all round protection against insects. Contains fumigator insect spray and powder for effective poultry and coop protection.

Product Code:  AB0819
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Battles Poultry The Hen Pecker

A nutritious treat for all poultry. Will help relieve boredom. Contains wheat maize and grit. Comes with a safe plastic hook so that it can be easily hung up.

Product Code:  AB0820
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Battles Red Mite Powder

Gives lasting protection against mites and lice. Containing a new generation insect repellent this product can be applied directly onto the bird. Simply apply the powder directly from the shaker over the affected areas of the bird. Contains p-menthane-38-

Product Code:  AB0830
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Battles Poultry Lice Treatment

A ready-to-use insecticidal powder for use in animal houses. Containing Permethrin it will be effective against mites lice and fleas. For application to bedding and housing used by infested birds. Rapid kill with sustained residual activity. Use in conjun

Product Code:  AB0833
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Battles Poultry Spice

A mineral supplement to give to poultry to improve all round condition and performance. The aromatic blend of highly palatable spices will encourage them to eat their ration and so help keep them strong and healthy. The high mineral content will promote g

Product Code:  AB0822
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Battles Rooster Booster

Contains a wide range of key vitamins amino acids and trace elements together with a probiotic for maintaining overall health and vitality in poultry. Particularly beneficial during moulting and the cold winter months.

Product Code:  AB0821
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Battles Sulphur Candles

Convenient method of eliminating troublesome pests and spores from the greenhouse. Simply light the wick and the gas produced will fumigate all exposed parts. A 225g Sulphur Candle will fumigate 14 cubic metres.

Product Code:  BA4106
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