Point Two Childs ProAir Jacket
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Point Two Childs ProAir Jacket

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*SUMMER OFFER: Free gas canister supplied with this product will be the Point Two Replacement Canister Screwfit  or the Point Two Replacement Canister Bayonet Fit in the appropriate CC sizes, subject to availability. How the ProAir works The air jacket is inflated by a canister of C02, stored on the front of the jacket. When the rider separates from the saddle, the canister is activated by the release of a lanyard that is clipped from the jacket onto an attachment on the saddle. The air bags will inflate within one tenth of a second — roughly equivalent to the blink of an eye. The ProAir will hold the rider tight for 15-20 seconds and then slowly deflate over two to three minutes. While the jacket is inflated, the rider will continue to have full movement of their waist, arms and legs, and partial movement of their head.Areas of protection The ProAir vest has been proved to work in three ways; to distribute pressure, absorb shock and support the spinal column in the event of a fall. When inflated, the airbag system offers the collar of the neck and trunk more support, thus reducing the risk of over bending the spinal column. Children must be over 4 stone to wear this jacket as if they are not they will not be heavy enough to activate.
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