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Body Protectors

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Airowear Mens Outlyne Body Protector

The Airowear Men's Outlyne Body Protector provides a tailored, masculine fit for male riders of all shapes and sizes. Airowear Outlyne Body Protectors are made using UltraFlex technology that responds to heat from the rider to soften and mould around the shape of the body. The foam is perforated...

Product Code:  BE3483
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Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector - Adult

The RS2010 is a high specification Body Protector designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. The RS2010 offers the highest European & BETA standards of protection with uncompromising levels of comfort and flexibility.The flex of up to seventy independently hinged foam sections circulat...

Product Code:  AA1330
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Racesafe Shoulder Pads

Racesafe shoulder pads offer additional level 3 protection when worn with a Racesafe body protector. Designed to reduce the risk of shoulder & collar bone injuries by up to 80% (Research into eventing falls.

Product Code:  BC9000
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Racesafe Provent 3.0 Body Protector - Adult

Racesafe’s latest body protector for adults, the PROVENT 3.0, launches a new generation of lightweight, flexible & breathable protection. Allowing riders of every level the freedom to perform. Maximum Protection: reassurance of the highest European & BETA Level 3 protection. Certified to BS EN13158...

Product Code:  AB1920
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Pro Hit-Air Vest

Hit-Air vests are designed to be super-light weight and flexible - for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement, while providing optimal protection on inflation. The award winning air bag is triggered when the rider and horse become seperated to provide a stabalising, shock buffering system for adde...

Product Code:  AA1405
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Hit-Air Replacement Canisters

The size of the replacement canister you require is clearly marked on the inside of your air vest. Alternatively, please call us on 01494 872882 to verify the size required. Please read the original instructions before replacing your canister.

Product Code:  AA1408
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Hit-Air Saddle Strap

If you regularly use more than one saddle or plan to share your Hit-Air vest, you may find it more convenient to have a saddle strap per saddle. They loop around the stirrup bars before replacing your stirrup leathers.

Product Code:  AA1406
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Hit-Air Lanyard

The lanyard attaches the vest to the saddle strap and comes as part of your air vest. This option is for spare or replacement lanyards.

Product Code:  AA1407
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Point Two ProAir Jacket

How the ProAir works The air jacket is inflated by a canister of C02, stored on the front of the jacket. When the rider separates from the saddle, the canister is activated by the release of a lanyard that is clipped from the jacket onto an attachment on the saddle. The air bags will inflate within ...

Product Code:  AA1520
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Point Two Saddle Attachment

Nylon stirrup strap that loops between the stirrup hooks - complete with 'D' ring.

Product Code:  BC8993
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Point Two Replacement Canister - Bayonet Fit

The 60cc canisters fit: Adult ProAir S, M, L, XL / Child ProAir L / P2RS Adult XS, S, M, L, XL / PointTwo Model D.The 50cc canisters fit: Child ProAir M, S / Child Hybrid XL / Hippios (all sizes)There are two fitment types SCREW fitting and BAYONET fitting.

Product Code:  BC8996
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Point Two P2-RS Hybrid

How the P2-RS works A lanyard attached to the jacket is clipped onto a lead afixed to the horse's saddle. Once the rider leaves the saddle during a fall, the lanyard detaches itself from the P2-RS, triggering the release of CO2 gas from a canister. The P2-RS will hold a rider tight for 15-20 seconds...

Product Code:  BC8992
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