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Hoof Care

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Vinyl Handle Hoof Pick

The Vinyl Handle Hoof Pick is a staple for any grooming kit and ideal for removing debris from the horse's hooves.

Product Code:  BA9685
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Roma Gel Hoof Pick

The Roma Gel Hoof Pick features a soft and comfy gel handle which feels lovely in your hand as well as a hoof pick and brush to care for your horse's feet on a daily basis.

Product Code:  BA9520
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Leovet Winter Oil Gel

A gorgeous, smooth oily gel from Leovet which stays soft even at low temperatures for easy application. It contains essential oils, which have anti-bacterial effects and stimulate blood circulation. The health of the whole hoof will improve and it is protected due to the barrier effect also provid...

Product Code:  BC8426
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Effol Hoof Oil

The ideal all round protection for healthy hooves. The combination of lanolin and laurel oil promotes elasticity of the hoof horn and makes even soft hooves very resilient again. Furthermore the thyme has a calming effect on a worn or damaged hoof.

Product Code:  BA6028
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Effol Summer Hoof Gel

Takes into consideration the faster growth of horses' hooves in the warm weather and is thus the ideal hoof-care for the summer months. The light oil with the avocado oil composition provides moisture and strengthens the horn thus ensuring optimum elastic

Product Code:  BA6053
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Effol Winter Hoof Gel

Protects the hoof against damp mud and moist bedding. The gel base transports the oil particularly well. The rosemary and clove oil have particularly strong penetration properties.

Product Code:  BA6056
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Equimins Hard & Healthy Brush on 400ml

A unique formulation from Equimins that will help harden horn and keep hooves healthy. Ideal for going barefoot. It will also help prevent loss of shoes, thin soles, splits and cracks.

Product Code:  BA0145
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Equimins Hoof Disinfectant Spray 500ml

This product is produced from a variety of safe bactericidal and fungicidal essential oils, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Citronell, Geraniol and Cineole, together with a biocide specifically developed for the complete microbiological protection of water bas

Product Code:  BA0147
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Equimins Hoof Moisturising Balm

A rich soothing clear balm Hoof Moisturising Balm can be used to lock in moisture and help prevent drying, cracks and splits in horses hooves. It provides a long lasting waterproof and moisturising layer on the hoof.

Product Code:  BA0155
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Equimins Hoof Moisturising Cream (natural) 500g

A simple, easy to apply cream to retain moisture in the hoof and to add shine. helps to prevent cracking and splitting.

Product Code:  BA0157
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Equimins Hoof Moisturising Gel (Black) 500g

A simple, easy to apply gel to retain moisture in the hoof, and to add a shine. Helps to prevent cracking and splitting. Apply regularly with a hoof brush or cloth.

Product Code:  BA0158
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Equimins Hoof Moisturising Lotion - Brush on 400ml

A simple, brush on lotion to effectively help retain moisture in the hoof. Helps to prevent cracking and splitting. Apply daily for best results.

Product Code:  BA0159
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Showing 1-12 of 95 Products View All >
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