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Shires Ezi-Groom Adults Grooming Kit

Handy barrel case containing an 8 piece coordinating grooming kit: dandy brush, body brush, face brush, sweat scraper, curry comb, mane comb, hoof pick/brush and sponge.

Product Code:  BB2826
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Roma Backpack Grooming Kit

The Roma Backpack Grooming Kit contains a rubber curry comb, a mane and tail comb, a sweat scraper, a hoof pick, a body brush, a dandy brush and a sponge.

Product Code:  BA9378
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Roma Cylinder Grooming Kit

Roma Cylinder Grooming Kit contains a deluxe hoof pick, rubber handled comb, large plastic curry comb, small oval body brush, small dandy brush, round rubber groomer plastic sweat scraper, sponge and a bag of plaiting bands. Comes with cylindrical clear c

Product Code:  BA9381
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Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit

Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit is a handy bag with carry handles containing a dandy brush, body brush, sponge, hoof pick, mane comb and sweat scraper.

Product Code:  BA9383
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Harlequin Complete Junior Grooming Kit & Box

The Harlequin Complete junior Grooming Kit in a carry box is perfect for the young rider in the famil, Includes; Dandy brush, Body brush, Plastic curry comb, Rubber curry comb, Hoof Pick Brush, Mane Comb and Hoof Oil Brush With Lid.

Product Code:  AA1458
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Harlequin Junior Groom Kit

The Harlequin Junior Grooming Kit is a great grooming kit for children to start with as it comes complete with all the essential brushes required these include, dandy brush, body brush, plastic curry comb, mane comb , hoof pick and sponge.

Product Code:  AA1459
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Rhinegold Grooming Bag With Kit

These great kit bags are colour co-ordinated with the kit inside and come with the following brushes; Body Brush, Dandy Brush, Mane Comb, Mane & Tail Brush, Hoof Pick And Sweat Scraper. The bag is made from durable material with 6 side compartments, elasticated drawstring closure with extra clip a...

Product Code:  AA1460
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Rhinegold Flower Grooming Kit

Rhinegold Flower Grooming Kit in a blister pack with Body Brush, Dandy Brush, Rubber Curry Comb and Hoof Pick Brush. All in a gorgeous Flower design.

Product Code:  BC4391
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Lincoln Star Pattern Grooming Kit

A stylish star patterned grooming kit idea for pony-mad children! Includes a Small Dandy Brush, Small Body Brush, Hoof Pick with Brush, Plastic Mane Comb, Plastic Comb and Hoof Oil Brush.

Product Code:  BA3750
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Rhinegold Soft Touch Grooming Brush Kit

Soft Touch Grooming Brushes With Flexi Body Brush, Mane/Tail Brush, Dandy Brush And Hoof Pick/Brush Supplied in a blister pack

Product Code:  BC4387
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