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First Aid

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NAF Crib Stop Spray

An unpleasant tasting water repellent coating to discourage your horse from biting wood and other hard surfaces.

Product Code:  BA0353
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NAF Naturalintx Arinca Gel 400G

A smooth, cooling gel to soothe minor strains, sprains and bruising following muscular exertion, knock or blow.

Product Code:  BA0538
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NAF No Bite Spray

An unpleasant tasting spray designed to discourage chewing of rugs and bandages. 500ml.

Product Code:  BA0356
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NAF Naturalintx MSM Ointment 250g

A thick lanolin based ointment that provides a protective barrier to minor wounds whilst supporting the skin's natural healing process.

Product Code:  BA0539
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NAF D-Itch Ointment

A soothing, creamy gel to help comfort sore areas of broken, irritated skin. A blend of essential oils in a petroleum jelly base, will provide an effective barrier and help to protect the skin from further attack by the offending midges.

Product Code:  BA0367
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NAF Naturalintx Cotton Wool Roll

The super soft NaturalintX Cotton Wool Roll is made from 100% natural cotton fibres for maximum absorbency. Use as part of your routine animal care. A compulsory item of every first aid kit.

Product Code:  BA0540
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NAF Ice Cool

Ice cool therapy for tired legs. Ice Cool has been developed to naturally cool, soothe and tighten sore, tired legs and tendons following strenuous exercise. Supporting cool, hard legs is an essential pre-requisite of any performance horse in order for them to be able to perform consistently. Ice Co...

Product Code:  BA0499
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NAF Wrap

A cohesive, elasticated support bandage, purpose designed to hold wound dressings carefully in place. When applied correctly at approximately 50% stretch the NaturalintX Wrap will effectively secure the dressing neatly and comfortably over the wound. Efficient and easy to use.

Product Code:  BA0542
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NAF Naturalintx Dressing

The softly cushioned NaturalintX Dressing protects and insulates the leg to support minor wound management. The highly absorbent cotton padding is encased in a tubular non woven casing to provide a low adherent protective dressing.Directions for use:

Product Code:  BA0541
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NAF Hoof Poultice

The NaturalintX Hoof Poultice has been designed to comfortably fit your horse's hoof, reducing preparation time and enabling ease of application. May be applied in three different ways depending on the wound to be dressed, either apply as a hot, cold or dry hoof poultice and hold in place with a Nat...

Product Code:  BA0546
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NAF Natualintx Aloe Vera Purple Spray

A gentle non aerosol spray to support the natural healing of broken or chaffed skin, minor cuts and abrasions. Also helps to discourage flies from open wounds.

Product Code:  BA0550
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NAF Wound Cream

A natural first aid cream to support the healing of minor cuts and wounds. Comes in a convenient pump dispenser for easy, hygienic application directly to the wound.

Product Code:  BA0551
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Showing 1-12 of 18 Products View All >
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