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Equine America

The Equine America range is ideal for looking after your horse, particularly his or her hooves thanks to their large Lamigard selection.

Explore Equine Essentials Direct's Equine America range for supplements to help horses in their old age or a number of other ailments. 
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Equine America Lamigard TRT Solution

LAMIGARD TRT is a highly effective supplement for your horse or pony and can be used at high levels in the short term, and at a maintenance level for long term health. LAMIGARD TRT will ensure your horses feet stay healthy all year round and will complement a careful feeding regime. LAMIGARD TRT con...

Product Code:  BB3226
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Equine America Lamigard TRT Pellets

Lamigard TRT is a highly effective supplement for horses and ponies and can be used at high levels in the short term, and at a maintenance level for long term health. Lamigard TRT will ensure your horses feet stay healthy all year round and will complement a careful feeding regime. Lamigard TRT con...

Product Code:  BB3223
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Equine America LAMIGARD XXXtreme Paste

LAMIGARD XXXtreme paste can also be used safely with an in-foal or lactating mare. Directions for use: For a 500kg horse: Day 1: 60ml. Day 2: 30ml Morning & 30ml evening Day 3 & 4: 15ml morning & 15ml evening. Days 5-8: 15ml daily Days 9-14: 10ml daily. Administer into the horses mouth onto the bac...

Product Code:  BB3225
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Equine America CUSHINS Crumbles

Ponies and older horses are susceptible to the natural variations of the pituitary gland, which is responsible for hormonal production affecting blood balance, muscle and nerve condition and the immune system. When this variation relates to over activity it may helped by the natural food supplement...

Product Code:  BB3218
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Equine America Propell Plus

High levels of work and competition can leave some horses feeling 'flat' and without their 'sparkle'. ProPell Plus® is a daily tonic designed to increase energy levels, acting as a 'pick me up' for horses. Its iron rich formulation will provide energy with beneficial vitamins and minerals, leaving t...

Product Code:  BB3229
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Equine America Magnitude

For very young, excitable or overzealous horses, requiring focus, increased concentration and calming, a product from the So-Kalm Plus Range will be more suitable. So-Kalm Plus Paste may also be used as a pre-competition addition alongside Magnitude.  Available in 900 gm a six month supply.

Product Code:  BB3227
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Equine America Uls-Gard Solution

The lifestyle of a domestic horse, whether used for leisure or competition, creates the conditions which very frequently lead to poor gastric health, including damage to the stomach lining. To support the gastric health of all types of horses and ponies, Uls-Gard has been developed as an inexpensive...

Product Code:  BB3240
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Equine America So Kalm Solution

As a top up to the So Kalm® solution we also do So Kalm paste 30ml for fast calming at shows and events. If something stronger is needed see EQUINE AMERICA SUPER SO KALM® POWDER. Available  in 1ltr

Product Code:  BB3234
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Equine America Buteless High Strength Paste

Equine America Buteless Paste A natural alternative

Product Code:  BB3206
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Equine America Uls-Gard Pellets

Available in easy to feed, palatable pellets. Uls-Gard should be given to all competition horses and those on high concentrate diets, with every feed. Does not contravene current Jockey Club or FEI rules; it can continue to be fed whilst the horse is competing. Uls-Gard  can also be used for foal...

Product Code:  BB3239
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Equine America So Kalm Paste

Young horses also have a tendency to be highly strung and distracted, leading to training problems in the future. Feed young horses or horses in their first season New SUPER So-Kalm® Powder daily to enable them to relax and ensure that their new experiences are good experiences. Feed SUPER So-Kalm®...

Product Code:  BB3233
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Equine America Super So Kalm Paste

SUPER So Kalm® Paste When the ultimate calmer is needed

Product Code:  BB3236
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