Which Horse Rug?

Posted: 15th August 2013 | Category: Horse Care Advice, Riding Product Advice

There are so many different types of horse rug that you can buy from us here at Equine Essentials Direct and we appreciate it might get confusing.

We stock such a variety because you will need to have different horse rugs for different times of the year. It is highly likely that you will own more than one horse rug if you own a horse.

So which horse rug do you use and when?

Exercise Rugs

An exercise rug covers the body of the horse from the front of the saddle to the rear of the horse. Some exercise rugs have cut-away areas for the saddle. Exercise Rugs should be used when riding to help keep your horse dry and warm.

Fly Rugs

Fly rugs help to keep those pesky biting insects away from your horse. This type of rug is usually made of a fine lightweight mesh and incorporates a neck cover which can be already attached or is attached to the fly rug using clips. Most fly rugs include a belly flap to protect the horse’s belly from insects. Some fly rugs also have fly bonnets or masks which are used to cover the horse’s face for total protection. However, the masks can be purchased separately if they don’t come with them. Horses with pale sensitive skin also benefit from fly rugs as they provide sun protection, keep the horse’s coat free of dust, grit and dirt, while also preventing sun-bleaching, this is even more the case if the fly rug has UV protection.

Neck Rugs

A high neck rug covers the horse’s neck, but not entirely. Some horses are subject to rubbing when wearing a standard style rug, and this type can be a good choice if that is the case. Detachable neck rugs are also available and are a clever type of rug that is akin to a standard rug but has a detachable neck cover for those times when extra warmth and protection is needed.

With both of these rugs you can choose between a combo and a standard neck design. The combo design will provide your horse or pony with additional protection on their neck. This design is useful if your horse or pony is living out or has been fully clipped throughout winter.

Cooler Rug

A cooler rug is a breathable rug which slows down the onset of chills on a sweating horse after exercise. The cooler rug is versatile as it can be used for added warmth in colder months and also under turnout and stable rugs to assist a horse to get dry after exercising on winter days. The unique design soaks and holds the excess moisture away from the horse’s coat. The moisture evaporates within the rug and the horse is able to cool down steadily.

Stable Rugs

As the name suggests this type of rug is for use within the stables as they are not waterproof or suitable for outdoor use. Stable rugs come in varying degrees of thickness, filling weight and different levels of warmth for horses.

The stable rug is usually made from synthetic material which is quilted or padded. Some of them are breathable and hold perspiration away from the horse’s body, allowing the cooling-down process to be more gradual. For extra warmth in the winter layering stable rugs just as we would layer our clothes is always a good idea.

Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are split into several different categories to help identify the rug you require. In the colder times of the year your horse will need a heavier rug and as the weather improves the rug should be replaced with a lighter version.

A turn-out rug needs to be waterproof and these days most of them are breathable. The outer surface of the rug will be waterproof and will allow the horse to be protected from the elements. The breathable element is a technological breakthrough that allows for a coating on the inside of the rug to draw sweat away from your horse’s skin and onto the outer of the rug. This is done in a clever fashion that is designed to keep the horse comfortable.

Turnout rugs come as combo rugs i.e. with a neck already attached to it, or as a standard fit which does not have a neck rug but that you can normally pair up with a neck rug.

Across the entire range of rugs there are extensive variations and designs, but you will normally find that they can easily be categorised into one of the above.

We have an extensive range of horse rugs to choose from at amazing low prices, so you can be sure that your pony or horse is protected from the outside elements at a cost which fits your budget.

Order from our range of horse rugs online today or if you are unsure which rug is right for you our customer service team has an extensive knowledge of the rugs we sell & what is right for each time of year so call on 01494 872 882.

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